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A Look into J.B. Stones: Construction, Design Build, and Real Estate Development

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

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Who We Are

J.B. Stones was created by Darren Tuitt, who is a Montserrat native and East Carolina University alum. The company started its journey as a one-man development services company. Since then, Darren’s knowledge and experience has allowed him to develop his craft to build the company into one of many skills.

As a company, J.B. Stones values hard work, passion, determination, and persistence. We are passionate about the work we do, and we are determined to do it right. To make sure our employees are constantly growing and learning, we have an education program that all employees partake in so we can all grow and develop in what we do as well as to provide the best service possible.

What We Do

Our services include construction, design build, and real estate development services in pre-development, owner's representation, and project management for residential and commercial projects.

The ultimate value derived from a project often hinges on the decisions made at the earliest stages. The impacts of those decisions can be far-reaching, affecting land development cost, permitting, community issues, and ongoing operating cost. J.B. Stones prepares the project for success beginning in the pre-development stage.

J. B. Stones serves as the client’s representative, providing guidance through every step of the design and construction process. During design, we ensure that our client’s needs are met, both functionally and aesthetically, and that the budget is maintained. We can organize the solicitation and hiring of a general contractor, whether through a traditional bid process or alternative negotiated contract. During construction, we manage the details for our clients, all the way through completion, occupancy and project close-out. With our clients’ best interest always in our hearts and minds.

At J. B. Stones, we offer a variety of project management solutions that are tailored for each situation. We can manage an entire program or a single project from concept through design, bid and construction. No matter our scope, we will build trust with the project teams, establish project expectations, deliver a quality project on time and within budget, and at all times do what is right for our client.


Pre-Development Services

  • Zoning Code Analysis

  • Site Analysis

  • Preliminary Budget

  • Feasibility Study

  • Residential Conceptual Planning

  • Commercial As-Built Site Planning

  • Preliminary Schedule

Owner's Representation

Project Management

How We are Different

Our company is different from the typical contracting company because “we’ve got you covered from trees to keys,” as Darren Tuitt says. Our services cover all aspects from coming up with the concept for a project to completing the space and giving you the keys. Typically, a construction company doesn’t have a real estate background. Because we do have a real estate background, we are able to work with clients in a way that you can’t with a contractor. We can assess a property based on the zoning, tenant site restrictions, and tenant criteria, whereas a contractor cannot.

Developers typically want to maximize the property, but don’t always take into consideration the constraints affecting a property such as the zoning restriction on parking or the landscaping requirements. But every site is unique, with its own topography and environmental constraints. J.B. Stones takes into consideration the constraints from the property, zoning, and the desires of the tenant and property owner to create a project that satisfies everyone. You don’t get that from a typical contracting company.

The typical contracting company gets a plan and builds it. But we steer you in a direction to maximize your money while achieving the same goal but with a more feasible plan. Our goal is to help you achieve your dream property in an attainable way that takes into consideration constraints of the project and that advises you the best solutions for your property.

Because of our design background, we understand how plans and construction flow together. So, during construction projects, we can envision the project before it’s even built to foresee what isn’t going to work. This allows us to address issues early on to prevent delays later in the process.

As a certified project manager, Darren Tuitt looks at projects from a different point of view from other contractors. He sees it through a project management lens – as a developer, as someone on the other side of the construction aspect, and someone with specific expectations for each project.

If you are looking for someone to see your project through from beginning to end with attention to detail and a design focus, contact J.B. Stones for a consultation.

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