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Calculating a Home Remodel

Creating a budget for a home remodel or renovation can be stressful, especially if you have a dream for your project that you don't want to compromise on. Sometimes, it can be helpful to understand the average cost of the type of project we want. This allows you to prepare yourself before reaching out to a contractor.

Remodel Calculator by

The free remodeling cost calculator by allows you to estimate the cost of your project based on the type of project you are doing. You can use the cost calculator to estimate the cost for bathroom, kitchen, roofing, siding, and flooring projects. For bathroom projects you will need to indicate the shower or bath type you want as well as other details such as the toilets, sinks, and lights. For the kitchen you should put the types of appliances you want as well as other details like cabinets, counters, flooring, and kitchen counters. For countertops, roofing, siding, and flooring, you will need to indicate the material you want. If your project requires painting, you will need to note if it is an interior or exterior painting job as well as note the amount of surface repairs that will be needed. The final steps of this estimator include indicating the project size, materials quality, an US region.

Home Renovation Cost Calculator by Kukun

This home renovation calculator allows you to specify the type of project you want for your home. You can choose the space – bathroom, kitchen, in law suite, sunroom, or windows. If you want to be more specific about the project, you can choose from a larger list of projects named on the website. After choosing a room, you will need to indicate whether you would like a renovation, expansion, or addition. Depending on which you choose, you will be directed to different questions. If you are doing a renovation, you will be asked to indicate what things you want to add. If you want to do an expansion or addition, you will be asked what size you want the room to be. The final steps of this cost estimator are to include your address, the size of your home, and the value of your home. Putting in your address allows you to get an estimate that incorporates the average costs in your area. However, if you are uncomfortable putting this information in, there are other options to calculate a cost estimate.

Renovation and Remodeling Cost Calculator by SoFi

This renovation and remodeling cost calculator by SoFi is simple to use and is specific to where you live. All you have to do is answer a few questions and you will receive an approximate cost for your remodeling project. You will have to select the area of your home you want improved – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, garage, family room, window replacement, or other. Then you will have to note if you are doing a renovation, addition, or expansion.

Depending on the type of project you are doing, there will be different questions you will have to answer after this point. If you are doing a renovation, you will have to define the scope of work. This includes identifying if you are doing cosmetic changes, a typical renovation, or down to the studs. Cosmetic changes are just updates and changes that do not require a permit. Typical renovations include new work and materials that may require a permit. Down to the studs' renovations also include structural rearrangement that requires a permit. For an addition, note if you want a one story or two-story addition. If you are wanting an expansion, you will need to say what type of expansion and the size of the expansion you want.

Then you will be directed to indicate the existing size of the room for the project. You are given the option to choose between a small (10’ x 7’), medium (10’ x 14’), large (10’ x 7’), or a custom size.

You will also be asked about the level of finish you want – builder grade, quality grade, and custom grade. Builder grade is the least expensive option, but it still allows for you to improve your home. Quality grade allows for more personalization than the builder grade. Custom grade is high-end and the most expensive option.

If you are looking to remodel or renovate your home, contact J.B. Stones to bring your dream into reality. To get inspiration for your home renovation, visit our Pinterest. Follow us on social media pages to get inspiration and stay up to date on our blogs!

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