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Current Trends: 2022 Home Remodels

Every year brings new trends for home remodels and renovations. From bathroom designs to kitchen designs, there are so many possibilities for your home. Continue reading for ten current trends for 2022 home remodels and renovations.

1. Multiple Window Banks

Photo by Stanislav Kondratiev:

Multiple Window banks are especially popular for kitchens to let in natural light. Having multiple window banks brightens up your space while making it more welcoming and inviting. Open up your space to the beautiful view waiting for you outside. If the windows are operable, you can open the windows on a nice day to get a refreshing breeze through your home. For people that want to feel connected to nature, multiple window banks can help you achieve this feeling.

2. Kitchen Islands

Photo by Christa Grover:

Kitchen islands can be used for extra counter space with enough space for a prep sink or even seating. There are many possibilities for kitchen islands in 2022. Other options include storage space, dishwashers, pullout trash bins, microwaves, and beverage fridges. Islands are a great opportunity to customize your home’s kitchen to the needs of your household. If you have guests over regularly, beverage fridges make it easy for guests to get a drink without having to search through the larger fridge. You can also use the island for extra storage space if you like a decluttered and simple look for your kitchen. Also, you can use the island to help you build memories during the holiday season as you prepare holiday meals as a family with the extra prep space provided by the island.

3. Light Colored Marble Countertops

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych:

Light colored marble countertops help to create a minimalist look that can be used in many different home styles. The light color brightens the overall look of the kitchen while providing a scratch and resistant material for functional use. You can use these marble countertops to create an all-white look or use it to balance the colors you choose for your kitchen. Either way, light colored marble countertops might just be what your kitchen needs.

4. Lantern-Style Lighting

Photo by Curtis Adams:

Lantern-style lighting is a statement piece that provide a focal point for any room, especially your kitchen or dining room. This type of lighting fills the space without blocking the view of the rest of the room. Lantern-style lights are typically housed in traditional and historic styled houses, but they can also work in a contemporary style home. Contemporary style homes are characterized by minimalism, sharp lines, gentle curves, simple lines, natural metals, and various tones. Because of this, contemporary styled homes are well accessorized with lantern-style lights that have simple geometric shapes that serve as a focal point within an uncluttered minimalistic home.

5. Low-Curb Showers

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych:

Low-curb showers have a low surrounding edge, instead of the traditional shower-tub combination. This lower edge is a safer entry point to the shower improves the accessibility of the shower. Because you wouldn’t have to step over the height of a tub, this shower decreases the risk of slipping or falling. Low-curb showers are easy to clean and versatile for use with many accessories. If you want to create more open space in your bathroom with your choice of colors, patterns, and tiles, you should try a low-curb shower.

6. Pops of Color

Photo by Houzlook .com:

Using pops of color can accentuate a room to bring personal touches to the aesthetic you are bringing to your home. The colors green and blue are especially popular in 2022 because they pair well with white, black, and gray, which are the primary colors used in modern and contemporary style homes. Using pops of color, especially green or blue, can create a calm space that is not overwhelming to the eye. Highlight your minimalist space with splashes of your desired color.

7. Decorative Patio Tiles

Photo by Marianne:

Customize your patio with your desired tiles to match your patio to the same style as the interior of your home. Adding color, texture, and pattern to the patio can help you create a space you want to spend your summers. Perfect for family get togethers, cook outs, and birthday parties, a decorative patio will become the place to be for your household.

8. Dedicated Activity Spaces

Photo by Karl Solano:

The pandemic has revealed how important dedicated activity spaces can be for certain households. With gyms, businesses, schools, and other places closed, many people needed space within their own homes to do the things they love to do. You can customize your home with activity spaces according to the needs and interests of your household. Some common activity spaces include a home office, gym, art studio, homework room, reading room, and library.

9. Stylish Design for Aging and Disability Needs

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych:

As we change over time, either due to disability or aging, our needs for our home change. So, it is important to remodel our home to meet these needs. In 2022, functional but stylish spaces specific to our disability or aging needs are on trend. You can take advantage of no curb showers, shower grab bars, nonslip flooring, shower benches, wheelchair ramps, and other aids while still fitting into your design aesthetic. Improve the accessibility of your home while increasing independence for those with disabilities or are aging in place within your home.

10. Spa-Like Bathrooms

Photo by Vecislavas Popa:

You can get ready in the morning or wind down after a long day with a spa-like bathroom. With features like an open shower with multiple shower heads, a freestanding soak tub, a deep vessel sink, built in storage units, and warm lighting. You can have a warm shower with multiple streams or a nice relaxing bath, giving yourself the spa treatment from home.

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