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Cutting Costs on a Home Remodel

Creating a budget is an important first step for a home remodel. Without it, there is no way to know what you can afford as you create your dream home. Cutting costs in various ways can help you achieve your dream home without sacrificing the changes you want. Continue reading for 10 ways to cut down on costs during your home remodel.

J.B. Stones Home Remodel

1. Create a Budget and Stick to It

It is important to have a budget going into a home remodel, regardless of the size or complexity of the remodel. This budget will allow you to decide how much of your vision you can realistically afford. But don’t let this budget crush your remodel dreams. You can always make decisions that will cut costs without giving up your vision.

2. Make Decisions Early

In the early stages of planning for your home renovations, you should make decisions about the fixtures and appliances you want as well as what they will cost. This will help you stick to your budget as well as plan for what you want to be accomplished with this remodel.

3. Remodel in Phases

If you are wanting to remodel many rooms or even your entire house, but don’t have the funds to do so, you should avoid doing the entire remodel in one go. You can spread out the remodel into phases so you can focus on one room at a time. Although this means it will take longer for your entire home to be remodeled, it would be easier to prepare for, budget, and complete the project. You can spread out the project in any way you see fit. You may want to work on a new phase of your home remodel once a year, for example.

4. Don't Do a Complete Remodel

You can also refurbish existing fixtures instead of starting over. For instance, if you like the style of your cabinets but don’t like the color, you can have the cabinets painted instead of buying new cabinets. To avoid the cost of completely starting over, you can change light fixtures, paint color, cabinets, flooring, tiles, etc.

5. Don't Move Appliances

It is ideal to keep appliances where they are when you are remodeling your kitchen. Moving them will be costly because of the mechanical and electrical work that must be done to do so. This would make the project more complex and more costly. So, if you are needing to cut costs, this is an easy way to do so. Just keep the appliances where they are instead of moving them.

6. Increase Efficiency not Cost

You may want to feel like you have more space in your home but might not have the funds to build an addition or tear down walls. In this case, you should take advantage of the space you do have by optimizing your layout and storage for more open space. You can use open shelving with pull out drawers instead of cabinets to create more open space in your kitchen.

7. Don't Move Sinks or Toilets

It is ideal to keep sinks and toilets where they are when you are remodeling your home. Moving them will be costly because of the plumbing work that must be done to do so. This would make the project more complex and more costly. So, if you are needing to cut costs, you can adjust your design plan to include the sinks and toilets in their original locations.

8. Refresh with Paint

Although the look of tile walls can dramatically transform the look of your home, it can be quite expensive. For this reason, to cut costs you can restrict your use of tiles to the floor and shower. Instead of using tiles for your wall, you can refresh them with a new paint color that transforms your space.

9. Ready to Assemble Cabinets

Getting custom cabinets that are designed specifically for your space with just the right design and the right fit can be very expensive, especially when the cabinets have a specific period style, intricate details, or exotic woods. Instead of getting custom cabinets, you can get ready-to-assemble cabinets or semicustom cabinets.

10. Pick Decent Midgrade Materials

Although you may want the best quality materials the market has to offer, premium options can be quite expensive, especially for things like flooring and cabinets. So, instead of buying premium materials, use decent midgrade materials that resemble the premium products for the same look and quality at a more affordable price.

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