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Getting Inspiration from Pinterest

Search Terms

  • Home styles: modern, gothic, industrial, Scandinavian, Victorian, Mediterranean, traditional, French country, etc.

  • Area of the home: kitchen, bathroom, living room, master bedroom, sitting room, bedroom, etc.

  • Colors: white, beige, black, grey, blue, green, orange, red, purple, yellow, pink, brown, etc.

  • Features: floating mantle, arched doorway, patio, deck, porch, floating staircase, floating bookshelf, etc.


  • Gray modern kitchens

  • Minimalist living room

  • Green bathroom

Creating Boards

You can create a board to compile your inspiration for your home project, whether it is a home remodel, renovation, or new home. To create a board, click on the plus symbol. When the create menu opens, click Board.

Creating Sections

You can create sections in order to organize your boards to your desire. You can create a section in a few ways. The first way is to click on your board. Once you are looking at the board, click the plus symbol. Then, click Section from the add on menu. You can also organize your board into sections after you have already saved pins to your board. First you will open the board, then click organize. You can then click on the pins you want to organize. After making your selections, click the button that looks like a folder with a plus sign and name your section. Repeat this process for each section you would like in your board.

Example Boards

This Modern Style Homes board, found on J.B. Stones's Pinterest, is divided into sections for the different rooms in a home. The board consists of inspiration for each room using a Modern style design. Create a section for each area of the house you will be remodeling or renovating. To search for inspiration for this type of board, use "modern style" and the room you are doing your project on. For example, search "modern style kitchens" to find inspiration for your kitchen.

This Special Rooms and Features board, found on J.B. Stones's Pinterest, is divided into sections for special rooms and features you can add to your home. The board consists of every room and feature that you may consider. If you wanted to do a brainstorming board such as this for a new construction home, you may want to create a section for each special room or feature you care considering for your home. Then you can compile inspiration for each feature you are considering before making a decision on what you want in your home.

Pinterest is a great tool when you are getting inspiration for your home project, whether it is a renovation, remodel, or new home. You can create boards with sections to organize your inspiration before you make final decisions. You can also share these boards with J.B. Stones to share your inspiration with us for your home project.

If you are looking to build a new construction home, contact J.B. Stones to get started.

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