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Home Improvement: Cromartie Residence

Project Spotlight

The Cromartie Residence was started by a different contractor two years ago, who did not complete the project. After many challenges, the Cromartie’s discovered JB Stones. Once we came on site, we worked on several small projects for them. This includes re-securing a door that was leaking, installing a second interior door as well as building steps to access the door. We also added fill to the backyard and leveled everything off as well as mudded and sanded their three-stall garage.

Mrs. Cromartie said if she had known about J.B. Stones sooner, she would have called us sooner to have us work on the project from the beginning. When asked if she would recommend J.B. Stones to others, she said, “absolutely, 100%” and she will be calling J.B. Stones for any projects going forward because of our dependability and excellent quality of work. Mrs. Cromartie appreciated our professionalism with a personal touch. We were able to laugh and talk to one another while communicating with her every step of the way. We were able to explain our thinking so she could understand the pros and cons of our options as well as the whys and why nots for our decisions.

Mrs. Cromartie said she had “faith [in us] from the get-go.” She was impressed by the way Darren approached the projects with a calmness in his voice and spoke with confidence in his experience, which reassured her that he knew what he was doing. Even in her concern because of past challenges with her house, she found confidence in Darren and his team to do quality work that would give her the home she has been waiting for.

If you are looking to put your faith in someone to improve your home, contact J.B. Stones.

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