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J. B. Stones was engaged by the landlord to modernize their outdated shopping center. First, J.B. Stones brainstormed with the landlord to generate design concepts then created a scope of working.


The firm then secured the services of 48-year-old Charlotte-based C.L. Helt Architects to execute the design vision.  But that was only the beginning. J.B Stones served as the liaison between the architect, the city of Concord and Cabarrus County to ensure a smooth and timely permitting process. 


The firm worked with the existing tenants, the landlord, the property manager and a sign company, Clear Vision Signs and Systems, to create a design that complemented the modernized center. 

Crucially, J.B. Stones handled the bidding of the project to several local contractors, of whom, Kodiak Constructors Inc., emerged as the winning general contractor. J.B. Stones performed project oversight from initiation of the project through its completion.

Renovation can be disruptive and financially disastrous to existing tenants. J.B. Stones worked closely with the general contractor and sign company to minimize the impacts of the renovation to the operating tenants.  


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